8047 Grow Ln, Houston, TX 77040, United States

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  • shay williams
    ‘’Because they will sit and say they didn't get nothing from you when you have it to them. Also maintance team for them does a poor job fixing things in the apartment. Also the front office ladies are rude and disrespectful as well”
  • sara fox
    ‘’Made me feel like an idiot on the phone for just asking a few basic questions. If you are going to be rude on the phone despite me being polite you should not be working here. Needs more polite staff.”
  • Veronica M
    ‘’I've been to some crappy apartments and these are one of the worst. I agree with most of what Jessica has said! I regretted signing the least after only a month living here. There are so many leaks! I had a broken dish washer and had to wait for 2 months until they finally (after several phone calls) brought a new one. The maintenance crew is so inconsiderate. I've had to call them a countless amount of times and each time they leave my apartment an absolute mess! To close to front door, you have to turn the knob and close it shut. When they left they just pulled the door leaving it slightly open! I'm 8 months pregnant and the thought of them just leaving my door open that way stressed me out! Disregarding my safety, I just couldn't believe that someone is so terribly mannered that they wouldn't shut your door completely!! Who does that? There are almost never any parking spots thanks to the rude residents who will take up two spaces! The front of the complex looks nice and well taken care of but once you've walked around there is filth everywhere! There has been a dirty diaper out in front of our apartment (days after we moved in) that someone threw, and no one has picked it up for 3 months now. The pool is DISGUSTING. I would never step a foot in there in fear that I would catch some kind of bacterial infection! They throw so many chemicals to try to make it look blue and it last for a few days and turns back into this slimmish pond green color. The troubles that come with this place are endless. Don't waste your time here! Look for another complex! The worst part is having to endure another dreadful 9 months til this lease is up, and I don't stop counting the days! ”